Everyone has a ‘go to’ outfit. It’s the one you throw on when there’s no time to get ready yet you have to look vaguely presentable and ‘like yourself’. It’s normally a jeans and a… View Full Post View Post

Yesterday I uploaded a new YT video (yes, can you believe it, 2 in one week…) and I thought I’d just explain it and include some stills from the video here. The idea for the… View Full Post View Post

In spirit of the good weather I decided to pop to the shops and pick up a few spring pieces. After watching Tasha Green’s and Leanne Lim-Walker’s Primark hauls, I couldn’t resist having a little… View Full Post View Post

If you’re a fellow British student going to what I’m now just going to label as a ‘regular school’, then you’ll be pretty used to wearing a uniform of some sorts during your secondary (and… View Full Post View Post