The last in my current ‘new in’ stuff is another piece from Mango! I’m a big fan of convienient and comfy clothing so this khaki skort (e.g. looks like a skirt at the front but… View Full Post View Post

I’ve always loved shopping. Whether it was simply looking at what to spend my holiday money on in the campsite gift store or even grocery shopping with my parents there’s always been a buzz of… View Full Post View Post

Last week I headed to the shops for a couple of holiday bits and I thought I’d share the things I got. I was extremely restrained (see my post about materialism here) and managed to… View Full Post View Post

Yesterday I uploaded a new YT video (yes, can you believe it, 2 in one week…) and I thought I’d just explain it and include some stills from the video here. The idea for the… View Full Post View Post

Blogging and vlogging is a funny thing, filled with hauls, favourites and generally just products.┬áRegularly watching youtube videos – especially some of the bigger vloggers who are undoubtedly the worst culprits- often leaves me yearning… View Full Post View Post