A few weeks ago I came back from what is easiest to describe as a truely great first girl’s holiday with Renae and Amara. Don’t ask me why it’s taken me this long to get… View Full Post View Post

December and January are the best months for my wardrobe but the worst months for my bank account. I’m never one to spend much money in one go *pats back for being a good(ish) saver*.… View Full Post View Post

It’s well and truly 2016 and whether you like it or not there’s a whole load of people who have made New Years resolutions and are now either determined to stick to them or have… View Full Post View Post

I used to not be a jewellery person at all – always forgetting to put on a necklace or a bracelet (and not wearing earrings since I was 13!). However, if there’s any type of… View Full Post View Post

Over the weekend I popped by Shoreditch with Hana to take -a lot- of photos and check out Sammi and Jason’s Novem and Knight pop-up store at Box Park. After years of scrolling through Sammi’s… View Full Post View Post