Sometimes I feel like I’m stuck in a hamster wheel in the social media cycle of both viewing and posting the best photos of ourselves whether that be on instagram, twitter or snapchat. We all… View Full Post View Post

my body is built for
Body confidence is a vast topic with a hell of a lot of internet opinions thrown in the mix. However, the more I’ve reflected on my own opinion and experiences I’ve always come back to… View Full Post View Post

The last in my current ‘new in’ stuff is another piece from Mango! I’m a big fan of convienient and comfy clothing so this khaki skort (e.g. looks like a skirt at the front but… View Full Post View Post

It appears my teenage angst may have arrived late (although my parents would claim otherwise). Perhaps it is just this stressful period which has sparked the burning cauldron of moodiness – although even I’d have… View Full Post View Post

I’ve never, ever, shopped in Mango before and can’t even remember the last time I saw a Mango shop in real life yet it appears the high street retailer is making a massive comeback. After… View Full Post View Post