My Youtube Channel

In celebration for my 100th Blog post (11/12/13) I decided I would start up video blogging. This was (and still is) a massive leap of faith for me. I wanted to let you guys in on my life a little bit more. Although I love writing my blog posts I also wanted to open up to people who may not be willing to read and would instead enjoy watching a blog.

I have no experience whatsoever with video blogging and have picked up my only bit of knowledge from watching other youtubers. For me, I have chosen to start blogging because I want to discuss, debate and get my opinion across. My video blogs will cover different content to this blog, although it will be still talking about the fashion and beauty industry I want to touch on more controversial topics.

I hope you all enjoy watching my video blogs and PLEASE leave me comments about what I should talk about, how I could make it better, what you like, etc. The only way I can develop it is by recieving feedback, so I’m counting on you guys to give me some!

Without further ado I give you my youtube channel, please be nice, please be patient – I’m trying my best! Haha.