Contact Me!

If you like what I’m writing about or have some amazing blogging suggestions then I would LOVE to hear from you. Sometimes I need blog inspiration or want to change it up a bit and hearing feedback from people who read my blog is AMAZING.

Oh, and don’t think you just have to say good things – if there’s some types of posts you don’t like as much, or you think I’ve missed something massive in the fashion world then I want to know. Constructive criticism is good!

There are various ways to get in contact and give me some feedback/suggestions/comments:
Drop a comment on one of my posts -I usually reply and it’s the perfect way if you have a comment about that individual post.

Tweet me! – hearing your comments through twitter is fab (I’m a self diagnosed twitter addict). You can tweet me @madfashionlover

You can now also email me – I will reply to the emails as quickly as possible and it’s the best way to send me detailed feedback

I look forward to hearing your comments!

Jodie xo