If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’re probably aware of my love for Greenwich. I mean I’ve only gone on about it in three other blog posts…(an OOTD, a post about Greenwich… View Full Post View Post

Over the weekend I popped by Shoreditch with Hana to take -a lot- of photos and check out Sammi and Jason’s Novem and Knight pop-up store at Box Park. After years of scrolling through Sammi’s… View Full Post View Post

Last week I went on my family holiday to Ile de RĂ©, a little island on the South west coast of France. Every year we take a break somewhere – whether that be in the… View Full Post View Post

It’s been a while… I know. But let’s get crack-a-lackin’. Summer’s here and I’m ready to blog. Yesterday I took a little trip to the Southbank and despite the horrible rainy weather there’s always something… View Full Post View Post

To bring some ‘culture’ into this blog I wanted to document some of my favourite places in London through writing and photos. There’s so many people reading my blog from outside of London and the… View Full Post View Post