A couple of weeks ago I ventured back to the sunny lands of Ibiza with Jasmine and Lucy and managed to fall even more in love with it’s turquoise sea and hot climate. When you… View Full Post View Post

People who don’t live in London probably see the city as a hub of noise, people and chaos; which, granted, it often is. However what many people forget is that it doesn’t take long to… View Full Post View Post

A few weeks ago I came back from what is easiest to describe as a truely great first girl’s holiday with Renae and Amara. Don’t ask me why it’s taken me this long to get… View Full Post View Post

I’m off on my first girls holiday as you read this so I thought I’d combine needing to get my bag packed with writing a blog post! Despite only heading off to Ibiza for 6… View Full Post View Post

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’re probably aware of my love for Greenwich. I mean I’ve only gone on about it in three other blog posts…(an OOTD, a post about Greenwich… View Full Post View Post