The last in my current ‘new in’ stuff is another piece from Mango! I’m a big fan of convienient and comfy clothing so this khaki skort (e.g. looks like a skirt at the front but… View Full Post View Post

I’ve never, ever, shopped in Mango before and can’t even remember the last time I saw a Mango shop in real life yet it appears the high street retailer is making a massive comeback. After… View Full Post View Post

For the last two weeks I’ve been on about colour and here we have the final colour clashing instalment. It seems like my wardrobe is full of warm toned colours as again I’ve gone for… View Full Post View Post

Gone are the days of mega hauls with bags full to the brim with my latest finds from Primark, H&M and New Look (because let’s face it, what else could my 2009, 13 year old… View Full Post View Post

If you were hanging around these parts last week then you would’ve seen my first in a series of colour clashing outfits. Considering my wardrobe is jam packed with colours (I honestly no longer even… View Full Post View Post