Hi there, I’m Jodie! I’m an 18 year old currently studying for A levels and living in London, UK. I’ve been writing this blog for 3 years now – it’s my way of getting my thoughts into the world. I’d love to work in the fashion industry hence you’ll find lots of style, sewing and fashion posts on here. Mixed in there’s also a lot of posts about my favourite places in London, beauty, my thoughts on current events and general wafflings.

Essentially, this blog is an extended, digital version of myself.

I post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you aren’t sick of me from my 3 weekly posts you can also find me across social media on twitter and instagram @jodieblogs

You can also find me on Youtube ‘Jodie BB’

To get in contact with me, you can always email me: BBJodie@aol.com