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travelwishlistEvery year I add more and more places I want to explore onto my ‘travel wishlist’ and with the thought that travel may not be as easy in the future (cough cough – you all know what I’m talking about) I feel like I really need to get it together and travel more. Friends – are you hearing this? Get on board!

Obviously if you’re a dreamer like me you’ve been creating travel lists for years…and years. And while some may be a bit out of reach right now (Mauritius anyone?) there’s certainly a lot of places around me that I want to go and check out! So in an attempt to speak this into existence, I thought I’d put out my travel destination wishlist for this year into plain sight. I’ll hold myself to this…maybe.4

Okay firstly here’s my realistic 5 countries to visit this year:

  • Scotland (Edinburgh) – I think it’s got to the point where my friends think I’m weird for wanting to go here sooooo badly but I’ll for sure slip in a long weekend in Edinburgh at some point this year. So close. So cheap. Why hasn’t this already happened!
  • Portugal – a holiday here might be on the cards and I’m not complaining – give me all the sunshine on the Algarve now please!!
  • Germany (Berlin) – I’ve wanted to visit Berlin for years but have never managed to get round to it – hopefully this year might be the year…? I want to go on a full-on historic visit though – all the museums, all the memorials errrrythang, I want to see the history I’ve spent years learning about in real life.
  • Switzerland (Basel) – I’ve got family here so the fact I haven’t actually been is a bit shameful (what’ve I been doing??). So basically this is me inviting myself over…*huge grin*.
  • Finland – same goes with Finland! I have family here and two cheeky cousins who I’d love to see soon so I might take matters into my own hands and try and organise a visit over to their colder climate. I’d also love to explore Helsinki of course – internship at Marimekko please?


Then this brings us onto the more general wishlist. Who knows if I’ll actually manage to visit these ones this year but hey, a girl can dream.

  • Denmark (Copenhagen) – I’m not really sure what’s fuelled the want to visit Copenhagen so much but it just seems beautiful. This is another one of those ‘short break’ destinations – and it’s definitely high on my list.
  • Sweden (Stockholm) – much like the reasons for Copenhagen, Stockholm would be another great place to check out for a few days (I mean of course I’d love to spend ages at each destination on my wishlist but this gal has university, work and a budget!).
  • Canada (Toronto) – okay, unlike the rest of these destinations, this is the only one not in Europe but there’s a very good reason as to why this is on the list. One of my bestest, closest friends is going to Toronto for a year *cries with excitement*. Of course I’m already down to visit her (and would love to explore Toronto!) so it’d definitely happening just maybe in 2019 instead – who knows?

Vague possibilities of destinations on the list are also:

  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Croatia

Basically looking for a sunny beach getaway that’s not Spain so my holiday finding hat is on (can airlines just be a bit kinder with prices please?).

I love dreaming and planning new adventures (and clearly creating lists is my favourite pasttime) so it’s no surprise I have ‘just a few’ aims for the year. It’ll be interesting to revisit this post next year and see how many places I’ve managed to explore since!

Be sure to share your travel wishlist with me too!

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