the ease of monotone


photos by @shotbystaf

Everyone has a ‘go to’ outfit. It’s the one you throw on when there’s no time to get ready yet you have to look vaguely presentable and ‘like yourself’. It’s normally a jeans and a tee combo of some sorts and for a lot of people it’s an all black or monochrome affair. However recently I’ve found swaying towards colour in my rushed minutes before leaving the house (because let’s face it – this is what a snoozed alarm leads to) has not only been more interesting but also not too difficult.

montone2Like I’m sure I’ve said before – for me wearing colour makes me feel more ‘me’. It also just honestly makes me happier. Changing the colour you’re wearing (still keeping the jeans and tee combo because it’s a classic for a reason!) can easily shift your outfit and can make it look more ‘spring appropriate’. I loved collecting all these muted pinks from my wardrobe and pairing them together. While having a one tone outfit for some colours may look extreme (anything bright or bold), choosing a more muted tone such as this one doesn’t feel as in your face.

Playing with your outfit within the confines of one tone or colour can also push you to experiment more and pair items together that you may not have previously done. It doesn’t always have to look ‘matchy matchy’ and can easily be broken up by pattern (for example the striped top I’m wearing). Although not showcased here, I think the most interesting way to break up and experiment with a monotone outfit is through texture (I mean as a textiles student of course I’d say that!). Simply juxtaposing a floaty or sheer fabric with a chunky knit or item of shearling (I mean it’s forever cold in the UK so you could totally get away with this) or even just teaming patent or vinyl with cordouroy instantly adds interest to the outfit.4

I definitely encourage and challenge everyone to search through your wardrobe and see what monotone combinations you can create!

wearing: top from Urban Outfitters (cooperative), jeans are second hand (my grandma’s!), trainers are vans (from office), earrings from Rokit

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