spring optimism


photos by @shotbystaf

It’s always a relief when spring rolls around and the clocks go back after the dreary dregs of winter. Even just the prospect of sunshine in the near future is enough to turn my mood around…there’s light at the end of the winter tunnel!

I’ve had a turbulent start to the year to say the least and back to back illnesses and colds has certainly made ‘starting the year off as I mean to go on’ a ‘no go’. So intead, the new beginning and freshness spring brings seems like the perfect moment for a surge of optimism. Personally, I find it much easier to push myself when I set clear markers so having a new ‘start’ feels much needed!

9As much as I love winter, there’s a lot of things I look forward to come spring time:

  • bright mornings: hallelujah!! Seeing the sun first thing in the morning (even if it is deceiving) makes waking up much easier. Suddenly I actually want to get up and do things instead of hide away under my duvet.


  • bye bye coats: coats are always a fun novelty at the start of winter ‘ooooh a new coat’, but by March I’m sick and tired of styling the same coats in different ways. Plus, sometimes I want people to actually see my outfit – not just the furry rug I’ve donned to keep warm.


  • the joys of outside: the idea of spending more than 10 mins outside in winter is almost ‘cry-able’. Working out the best route to avoid stepping into the cold for too long (the tube is a saviour) becomes a much needed skill. But spring brings along slightly more bearable weather allowing you to actually look up at your surroundings without getting frostbite. Brisk walk in the park? Manageable.



  • free time: now, not to be smug or anything – but I finish uni in 6 weeks. YEAAAAH BUDDY. So spring also means happiness in the form of free time. I have a list as long as my arm of all the things I’ve been putting off doing for ‘when I have time’ so it’ll be exciting to get cracking on those. Although, even if spring doesn’t mean free time for you (ewww exam season) it can often at least mean ‘focused’ time. Gone are the normal lessons and down with your own revision etc etc. Spring always feels like a time to chase your own goals and set your priorities.


  • longer days: who knew the days were actually so long? Suddenly the to-do lists actually seem somewhat achieveable (although it’s always still a struggle to get the hundred and one items that were optimistically written at the start of the day done!) and the thought of going out somewhere past 4pm isn’t such a chore. Longer days is by far the best thing about the turn of spring!


I’m excited for spring to truly set in and I can’t wait to see the magic that it brings with it – I know it all starts with the mindset you have so I’m trying my hardest to be optimistic but realistic. Hopefully the snow is far behind us now (brrrr) so sunshine come my waaay!


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