Be Bold.



Photos taken by @shotbystaf

I always find it fun experimenting with colour and usually gravitate to it most mornings I’m working out what to wear. To me a colourful outfit brightens the day and my mood. Don’t get me wrong, there’s always a time and a place for a monochrome outfit but personally, I feel at home in colour! It’s surprising how easy it is to team colours together once you get started – I was intrigued to see what I could wear with this purple print skirt (a colour I don’t usually wear at all really) but having tried on numerous tops and jumpers (bright red, grey, blue, etc) it became clear that most options could be pulled off just fine…although it’s no surprise I opted for yellow!

Particularly as we head more into spring and summer my wardrobe is packed to the brim with bold, bright shades – because even if the weather doesn’t want to bring the sunshine, I’m adamant my outfit will. Unfortunately the British weather definitely isn’t permitting the usual lightweight spring fabrics to make an appearance so intead, sticking to a jumper in a vibrant yellow and thick soled trainers means you can look the part without freezing!

Today I wore: second hand basic yellow sweatshirt (cropped by me), my mum’s old netball skirt (!!), superga trainers and earrings from miss selfridge.



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