is our internet dependence fuelling the wrong ambitions?

IMG_0161Every way you look we’re swamped by the internet. Completely and utterly surrounded by an infinity of opinions, imagery and anecdotes both from people you know and billions you don’t. It’s hard to escape the lure of social media, and even if you do, you’re still made aware of ‘internet doings’ thanks to the rest of the world who won’t stop telling you about it. There are so many great things the internet has brought us, but recently as I find myself watching and reading content from people only a few years older than me I’ve found myself wondering if I’m sub-consciously being fed the ‘wrong’ ambitions…

While it’s extremely refreshing to have the insight into ‘ordinary’ people’s lives (and quite often see their rise in success) it can lead to drawing comparisions in a way that would be unreasonable with a celebrity. Now we can see ‘ordinary’ people ‘like us’ create a career out of the internet (be that blogging, on youtube, an instagrammer or any of the other extensive list of internet careers) it’s hard not to raise the question ‘why not me?’. And it could be you! These thoughts can spur me into the most productive of days, sparking from the reminder that your work now determines your future later -but it’s only productive if you’re chanelling this energy into your passion projects.


It’s hard not to be tempted by the internet career lifestyle (a depiction of ‘living the dream’ which most certainly is not the actual case). Seeing other people do things -whether you know them or not- can often make me question whether I want to do them too. Am I doing the right thing? Am I aiming for the right thing? Should I be doing [X] instead? The realisation that I can’t do everything has only really started setting in in the last year or so. I can do lots of things…but I can’t do everything. And certainly not all at the same time.

When it comes to scrolling my insta or twitter feed, I see people writing blogs, doing podcasts, making zines, setting up clothing brands, graduating uni, travelling the world, presenting, interning at major companies and doing everything else under the sun. And that’s great and it all sounds extremely cool. But having been motivated by my hard-working, productive, go-getting internet community (built up of my friends IRL and others I admire) it would be a complete waste to drive all this energy into something you only wanted to do because you saw someone else did it. Stay focused. Yeah, try new things out, dip your toes in the water of multiple projects and activities – but don’t get sidelined by the gloss of social media. Staying true to yourself is perhaps harder than expected, but true gratification comes from succeeding at your thing, not at someone else’s.


-written as a reminder to myself-IMG_0218

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