beauty moments: new spring editions

IMG_1742I always feel the need to caviate any beauty-related post with the fact that I don’t really know what I’m doing (I’d like to think no one else does but instagram, youtube and my IRL friends show otherwise). Nonetheless, over the last few months I’ve gathered a few new beauty bits which I’m loving and thought I would share.

Personally I’m into sheer makeup (I’ve got dry skin with occasional eczema on my face so wearing anything over that can often be a nightmare), so when I’m looking for pieces the idea of ‘light’ and ‘glowy’ is always a winner for me. I wear make-up when I want to and when I have time too -which means I often go days without it- so I’m not used to having anything heavy on my face or seeing my face ‘made up’. When I got the Glossier perfecting skin tint I was sold. Before this I’d skip a skin base completely, being a dry skin gal (with an admittedly spot-free face generally) wearing moisturiser and having a glowy (or creamy…oops) looking face was fine by me. The Glossier skin tint really is for those who don’t normally wear much of a base, it provides the lightest of tints but most importantly leaves my skin looking super glowy and healthy. It’s certainly not a ‘handbag essential’ but I sure am enjoying it.Untitled-3-100-2Keeping on the lines of ‘natural’ make-up I’ve also been loving Glossier’s ‘boy brow’ which is an eyebrow styling gel. I’ve tried a few of these before (namely Rimmel’s brow this way) and really wasn’t sold on it as I found a lot of product came onto the wand which was hard to control and left my eyebrows slightly too ‘set’. The boy brow sets your eyebrows while still looking natural and the small applicator is peeeerfect. I use it in ‘clear’ as I prefer to wear this alone if I’m au-natural or fill in my brows with a pencil before using this if they’re more unruly. Glossier is also cruelty free so as I become more aware of what I’m purchasing I would love to also apply the same mindset to my beauty purchases. I’m sure you can find cheaper alternatives but Glossier has been hyped up so I wanted to give some bits a go (and they haven’t disappointed!).fentyAnother brand which has had the spotlight a lot is Fenty beauty. I purchased the match stix in the set (concealer, contour and highlighter) several months ago now . While the glittery highlighter is not my go to (good for nights out though) I have been reaching for the concealer and contour frequently. I find them to be quite dry formulas but using my fingertips alongside a brush works well for me. The ease of swiping them on makes even the most novice make-up applier (like me) feel like they can do it. These have definitely been a good buy but I think I’m more obsessed with the applicator style rather than the products specifically – when it comes to repurchasing I might branch out and see what other sticks are on the market.heatpaletteThe Urban Decay Naked Heat palette hasn’t been extensively used buuuuut has been pretty loved. Clearly, if I’m not a daily make-up wearer, I’m definitely not a daily eyeshadow wearer. I tend to save my eyeshadow wearing for evenings and nights out (I’m yet to master the effortless daytime eyeshadow wearing, tips welcomed..!) so I’m out of my comfort zone with this. However, I’ve been loving the shimmery shades in this palette! The warm dusky orange tones have been fun to experiment with and sweeping ‘Lumbre’, ‘Dirty talk’ or ‘Scorched’ over my eyelid and blending out with ‘He devil’ is something even the most inexperienced can do…score!lips

And lastly is of course lips! I feel like this post has been more of an exposé of my lazy girl habits, so it’s no surprise this lip combo isn’t ground breaking. In fact -surprise surprise- I’m 60% of the time a vaseline girl. When I’m not vaseline-ing, the NYX butter gloss in ‘madeleine’ is my perfect ‘your lips but better’ shade. It’s a gloss so very low maintenance and wears well. Occasionally I’ll put a clear lip gloss over the top to give it more of a high shine.

I’d love to know what everyone else has been loving make-up wise or if there’s any beauty bits you think I’ll like, although -being honest with myself- I don’t exactly switch up my ‘looks’. Who knows, maybe I will someday…!


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