it doesn’t have to ‘match’


As I stand in front of my wardrobe in the mornings with my eyes half shut, my favourite thing to do (other than go back to sleep!) is experiment with colour in my outfits. In fact my obsession with colour runs deep – I follow colour inspo instagram accounts, have an album of ‘interesting colour combination’ photos on my phone and even have a folder of ‘colour cuttings’ in my bedroom. I guess that’s why I’m suited to being a textiles student.

I’m a firm believer that there are no ‘wrong’ colour combinations. I seriously think I could work out how any two colours could look good together. Maybe I’ll do a whole other post testing that theory out.

Today I combined pink and red into my outfit – a massive trend for this season. Personally I think this is pretty tame in terms of colour clashing although the pops of colour are a definite nod to the trend. Using accessories/makeup to add pops of colour instead of the central pieces is perfect for anyone who may be a little shy when it comes to colour. It’s also a lot more affordable – you can easily swap in different colour accessories and a different lip colour for a whole new look!

Without even thinking I’ve also dipped my toe into another trend in this outfit – the gingham craze. While I often imagine gingham in the context of girly dresses and child-like shirts, having these slouchy, boy-ish fit trousers in gingham makes a change. However, you could always swap these out for something plainer if you’re not ready to tackle prints and clashing colours simultaneously!

Let me know your favourite colour combinations and perhaps which colours you don’t think will ever work together well…

vest top: topshop, bralette: m&s, trousers: thrifted, trainers: converse via tkmaxx, lip colour: Bourjois rouge edition velvet in 03 ‘hot pepper’

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