Ibiza take two, life’s a beach

IMG_5850A couple of weeks ago I ventured back to the sunny lands of Ibiza with Jasmine and Lucy and managed to fall even more in love with it’s turquoise sea and hot climate. When you say you’ve been to Ibiza there seems to be this automatic assumption that you were on a wild clubbing holiday, which is hilariously far, far, from the truth.

fruiteatingWhile we stayed in party central – San Antonio- we spent most days venturing out to different beaches and places on the island. I’d definitely recommend if you’re younger (and don’t drive!) to stay in San Antonio for the ease of things, we stayed a 10 minute walk away from the main strip which meant we could easily avoid all the rowdy revellers but we were also not too far away from the action. Our hotel was Apartmentos Formentera 1 – the staff were beyond lovely and our place was exactly what we needed. The biggest convenience of holidaying on an island like Ibiza is that everything is close – San Antonio is surrounded by beaches (and has great transport to beaches in other parts of the island), is full of places to eat and is only a 30/40min drive from the airport.IMG_6180My favourite day was probably our trip to Cala Comte (Cala Conta) as it was the most gorgeous picturesque place which felt like it was in the middle of nowhere. Catching the bus from San Antonio it was less than an hours drive to Cala Comte where we then layed in the sand for hours and bathed in the sea. There weren’t many/any small shops or snack bars from what we could see (other than a main restaurant/bar) so be clever and load a bag full of snacks and drinks to keep you going throughout the day.

beachAnother beauty spot was only a short walk from our hotel, close to Golden Buddha. Once you’d got through the rough stoney walk, this secluded cove was breathtaking. It’s definitely small so I’m guessing in peak season this will fill up quickly as there’s not much sand area! Admittedly, we didn’t actually get in the water here because of a jellyfish scare, but other people were braving it so I’m sure it’s fine!IMG_6181If you know me at all, you’d know I’m such a water baby so a beach hopping holiday was all I could’ve ever dreamed for.

me2We also explored Ibiza’s old town on our penultimate day. Again, we got a bus from San Antonio which took us all the way there in about an hour. The slightly cloudier weather probably has something to do with this day not being up there as one of the best beach locations. However, this was the best middle ground between all the beaches – it had restaurants looking out onto the beach but also smaller snack shops, ice cream stands and bars and the beach was definitely nicer than the main one in San Antonio but didn’t have the gorgeous blue tones of Cala Comte! Ibiza Old Town is certainly a place I’d love to explore more.me and jasminePerhaps surprisingly to some, one of the highlights of the holiday for me was actually our evening dinner routine. For no particular reason we got into the habit of having a cooking party as we made our dinner back at our hotel. Dinner (and food in general) was always pivotal to our days. We excitedly browsed the local supermarket, Mercadona, collecting the ingredients for our daily feasts – the best definitely being our fish/seafood extravaganza on the last night. To some, cooking every night might seem like a pain but for us it meant hours of laughing, dancing and making memories while we made some pretty awesome food. This also -obviously- ended up saving us sooooo much money, which while not intentional was definitely a nice bonus!

ibizabackgroundOur walk to and from the supermarket had some pretty good views in the evenings too.

me and lucySo for all those who think Ibiza is just a clubbing holiday – it’s not! I can already see myself going back to Ibiza at least a few more times – there’s still so much to explore. I’m already missing the Spanish milk (random, I know, but it’s amazing), daily dips in the sea and of course these amazing girls. What a relaxing holiday!galsIf you have any Ibiza reccomendations I would LOVE to hear them!


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