hi, again


Getting back into writing on this blog often feels like getting back into writing a diary – I skim read my last post with a hyper critical eye and suddenly declare myself a completely new person, miles away from someone who would’ve written the previous entry. But while I’ve never, ever, succeeded in keeping a diary longer than 2 weeks, I’d like to consider this blog a little bit more of a success, least because I keep coming back to it.

So I finally felt like it was time to begin again. Armed with my camera, laptop and the contents of my summer wardrobe I feel well rested and buzzed to get back into blogging.

In the month and a bit I’ve been gone life has been hectic and the world’s turbulence has really brought things into perspective. Amidst the stress of my fashion and textiles foundation deadline (and quite frankly, the numerous breakdowns and late nights which surrounded this time), a well deserved holiday to Ibiza (more on that later this week) and catching up with old friends, I’ve been doing a whole lot of reflecting.

I honestly don’t think I’ve brewed in my own thoughts this deeply for a long time. With a restored positive and grateful outlook on things and a re-ignition of energy to be unapologetically myself (both in my day to day life but also here on the blog), I’m so ready to tackle things with a new perspective.

I can’t wait to set my ideas into action and I hope you love my future posts even just half as much as I do! Here’s to less hauls, more truth, heaps more creativity, some editorial content and plenty more me.

Pass by on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for new thaaangs…hopefully.

red top: topshop, yellow top: made by me, trousers: h&m

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