we all choose our best selves


Sometimes I feel like I’m stuck in a hamster wheel in the social media cycle of both viewing and posting the best photos of ourselves whether that be on instagram, twitter or snapchat. We all do it or support it. And lets face it – it’s only human to want to post your best self, right? But I think it’s fair to say we need some balance.

With 80% of women in the UK (surveyed through the Dove Global Beauty and Confidence  Report 2016) saying they have low self-esteem and are unhappy with the way they look I think we definitely need to start changing things up. What we’re doing right now clearly isn’t working.2

The way we use the internet is constantly changing and having grown up in this virtual world (the time before instagram and twitter now seems pre-historic) I’ve been able to personally track my own feelings in regards to self image online.

Back in the days of properly using Facebook (I’m talking 2010 – 2012 times) 13 year old Jodie would quite happily post a whole album full of her days activities for friends and family to see. Editing photos weren’t a thing (or at least not a thing I was aware of). There were two types of editing in my world then – the crappy overlay text using paint or picmonkey or skillfully using photoshop and professionally editing your photo that way. Either way, most people were just simply taking the photo then putting it up.

Long gone are the days of posting 40+ photos bunched together in an album (I genuinely use to do this…thus my facebook is unsurprisingly embarrassing, or perhaps just full of memories?). Nowadays we only see the creme de la creme. While the photos we put on social media have always played a part in representing us, by reducing the amount but upping the quality of photos we post, our representation becomes distorted. 



For all those who need a gentle reminder (because I know I frequently need it) – social media is unrealistic. Like, even when it’s real, it’s still unrealistic. Cut yourself free from the pressure to be perfect.

We could all play a part in helping unmask the truth behind our ‘perfect instagram lives’. Whether you choose to do that online and mix up your regular posts with normal, unposed, funny shots or whether you take the discussion offline and spread  the realities of imperfectness verbally, make sure you do your bit. Some people can see past the social media bullshit but not everyone can. Lend a hand and guide a gal up.

Thankfully, there are numerous people on all platforms posting beautiful photos and segments of their lives but are also making sure they’re not the ones loading up even more expectations for the younger generation through sharing the real, raw stuff too. If you’re not already, make sure to follow some of these realists:

~ Maya Jama (on Instagram & Snapchat for gorgeous pics of her made up & make-up less self as well as a great care free vibe. She doesn’t take her self too seriously and I love it).

~ Grace F Victory (because everyone needs a bad ass motivator in their life. She’s honest and willing to tell you evrrythang).

~ Freddie Harrel (she’s unapolegetically herself and brings sunshine onto my feed everytime she posts).

I’m planning on doing a whole post about inspiring women on the interwebs but there’s a few to keep you going -although I’d be surprised if you don’t already know them!

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