Things I’m Sick of Hearing


It appears my teenage angst may have arrived late (although my parents would claim otherwise). Perhaps it is just this stressful period which has sparked the burning cauldron of moodiness – although even I’d have to interject here to say there has always been at least a flickering of moody teenage vibes in my personality. Either way I find myself in a current state of moodiness. Not the angry type. Rather the ‘leave me alone-don’t ask me questions- I know as little about my life decisions as you’ kinda moodiness.

So, needless to say, everything and anything has grated on me like the soft smooth strokes of extra mature cheddar running along the cold sharp edges of the so called terror tool (mmm…cheese). Anyways. Here’s a not-so comprehensive list of things I’m sick of hearing, no offence friends and family.

5. Starting off with a shallow one – ‘Your hair looks so nice when it’s straightened’. Well, my hair is naturally curly and I wear it like that 99% of the time so urrrm, thanks? ‘You should wear your hair straight more’ gets instant death stares.

4. ‘You won’t be able to afford to live in London’/’Uni in London is unaffordable’/’You really should move out of London to get the full uni experience’. So many assumptions! I love London and would quite frankly trade the ‘full uni experience’ for it any day of the week. Also, side note, why does advice always turn into ‘dos’ and ‘dont’s’? Sighs. Watch me live the London struggle. I don’t care.

3. ‘I wouldn’t have voted for Brexit if I knew what it really meant’. Please. PLEASE, shut up. I get it, (I really do) the whole thing was misleading to some but it’s already heartbreaking enough. We don’t need to be reminded that not only was it not a substantial majority, but even some of those who voted wouldn’t have voted that way if they were more informed. Please just keep the fact that you decided to go against the majority of politicians and experts opinions because you thought you knew what was best to yourself. We’ve just got to deal with this now.

2. ‘We don’t need feminism in the west’. AHHHHHHHHH. The amount of times I’ve heard this phrase or a very similar phrase. Ignorance really is bliss for some I guess. This phrase is also as bad as similar ones such as ‘feminism means hating men’ and ‘I’m not a feminist, I’m a humanist/equalist’. I hear these phrases and as my ears burn I wonder whether it’s best to challenge the argument or just cry in the corner…

1.Of course, in the number one spot has to be ‘have you heard back from any universities yet?’. I’ve heard this phrase more times this year than I would’ve liked to. I know it comes from a place of support and genuine intrigue but being at the typical uni age suddenly means everyone in your whole life wants to know about your future – and of course have a say in it too. I imagine this type of questioning is similar to the intense interview style questions pregnant women have to go through. I understand close family and friends asking, but everyone else? Jeeez, let me breathe!

Anyways, ranting OVER! Do you relate to any of these? I hope you take this with a pinch of salt – I’m not mad at any of these (well maybe a few of them…) they just grate on you a bit when you hear them constantly!

Let me know what gets on your nerves in the comments section.

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