Clashing Colour (PT. 3)


For the last two weeks I’ve been on about colour and here we have the final colour clashing instalment. It seems like my wardrobe is full of warm toned colours as again I’ve gone for orangey tones, this time teamed with a vibrant pink. Personally, I think the key to playing with colours in your outfit is to also be mix-matching different textures. I’m not talking about drastic mixes (because we’re already braving it with the colour statement) but having various textures sitting next to each other makes the outfit more interesting and less obviously ‘colour blocking’. Note: there’s nothing wrong with colour blocking! If you’ve read my first colour clashing post that outfit is definitely more colour blocked, just sometimes the outfit can look more naturally put together when also playing with texture.colouroutfit32With this outfit I’ve mixed a cord shirt with a thin knit, a PU skirt and metallic shoes. The PU skirt with the shoes definitely gives a more ‘going out’ vibe to the look but I could’ve easily switched them out for a pair of jeans and vans for a laid back look while still keeping the bold colours which really make the outfit.colouroutfit

As you’re probably now well aware of – colour is my thing. I think pink and orange is definitely one of my top colour combinations – it’s always been seen as a bit of a ‘no no’ but I think it looks fresh and vibrant – I even threw in a red lip!

I’d love to know what colour combinations you love and hate! Also, if you’ve liked these colour clashing outfit posts then please let me know so I know to do more of them in the future!

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