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Gone are the days of mega hauls with bags full to the brim with my latest finds from Primark, H&M and New Look (because let’s face it, what else could my 2009, 13 year old self afford?). That was the period of my life which I like to label ‘shopping as a hobby’. Friends and I would dedicate a whole day to wandering our local shopping centre -which was far off the shiny westfield’s which are now the go to… However, nowadays I’m much more particular with my spending habits and shopping tendencies so while there’s less mindless hauls I still want to show you my latest pieces – and here’s one of them!

I bought this dress from Missguided via ASOS – link here. Obviously the flamboyant sleeves caught my eye and was definitely what swung me to make the move from my ASOS saved list to the checkout. Gingham and sleeve details are both very on trend right now, and while I wouldn’t recommend buying into a trend for the sake of it, if you like it, you like it! To me this is a pretty perfect spring dress because of it’s light weight fabric and the gingham which allows the dress to be more casual despite the dramatic sleeve silhouette.

Generally I think Missguided have done really well here with this dress. Despite the fabric being 100% polyester the fabric still feels comfortable and the dress doesn’t feel cheap. Having the elastic near the tops of the arms ensures the sleeves don’t cling to you (important for when it gets hot!). For any of you taller gals, be wary, this dress is shorrrrrrt. I’m 5’7 and this dress is definitely in the awkwardly short length which is the one downfall. However, there are ways to get round this as I’ll just wear shorts or short leggings underneath the dress (so you can’t see them) just in case!

I can’t wait to bring this out more often and wear both casually with my converse and more elegantly with heels (boots pictured here are from last year ASOS I believe). Gotta love an easy summer dress – makes picking an outfit in the morning a piece of cake!

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