Clashing Colour (PT. 2)

secondoutfitcolourclashingIf you were hanging around these parts last week then you would’ve seen my first in a series of colour clashing outfits. Considering my wardrobe is jam packed with colours (I honestly no longer even own a plain black t-shirt…oops) pulling an outfit together is a lot easier than one might expect.


Today I’m teaming orange and blue with a little hint of red. Like I said in last week’s post – I really do believe any colours can work together (although different shades do make a massive difference!). Personally, once the colour dice is rolling and I’ve got a few shades on my body already, I find mixing in black pretty difficult. In these instances I turn to grey to break things up a bit (like wearing the grey top underneath the shirt).

When it comes to dressing with colour I’ve noticed a lot of people feel they have to be matchy matchy, like if they’re wearing green then all the shades of green must be the same. But really, who cares? I’ve dressed tonal by picking different variances of orange and red as well as adding some stripe into the mix. You do you.


My favourite part of the outfit has to be my new(ish!) orangey red converse. I completely disagree with the whole ‘buy black because you’ll get more use out of it’ thing. Perhaps surprising to some, these bright beauties have hardly been off my feet. I find they’re the perfect accessory for colour combining outfits but also super good for turning a boring or colourless outfit into something a little more interesting. I’d definitely suggest buying a pair of statement coloured shoes or a bag if you’re feeling like exploring colour more within your wardrobe!

Stay tuned for the last part of the colour clashing posts coming next week. If you have any other suggestions of colours you’d like to see styled together then leave them below in the comments – challenge me!

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