Dressing for an English spring


British weather is unpredictable at the best of times but spring weather is definitely the most tempramental – could it snow? Maybe. Will it rain? Most definitely. So when it comes to ‘dressing for spring’ it really is quite impossible.


While the sun’s been showing it’s face a little I’ve been braving bare legs *insert gasps*. I’m sick of tights and as long as I’m not planning to be out late at night, most the time I’ve been ok without them. Instead I’m bulking up with my clothing, I’m still hanging on to my thicker knit pieces with this jumper from New Look which is both spring coloured but also winter warm! Wearing a long sleeve high neck under it not only gives me extra warmth about also means I can take the jumper off if the spring weather surprises me.

I’m also wearing a woolen skirt which was passed down from my Mum. Again, while it’s very short it does add some warmth, right? I’ve also borrowed a satchel bag from my mum (she insisted on getting credit for it, so here you go mum) which is from zatchels, I believe. The most controversial part of the outfit has to be my grey frill socks with my new Dr Marten sandals. I’m so impatient to wear them that I just had to crack them out now. While it’s still a little chilly to be fully committing to the sandal, teaming them with some frill socks makes the whole experience more enjoyable and also adds a quirk to the outfit.

Summer still seems very much in the distance so while we wait for spring to get its act together I’ve taken the route of dressing in the spring colours but with warm materials…and then occasionally braving the bare leg!

Let me know your spring dressing tips!

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