Clashing Colour


I frickin’ love colour. If you’re around me in real life you’re probably already aware of my -somewhat obsessive- gravitation towards anything bright and bold. Whether it’s summer or winter you’ll find me in brights – possibly trying to brighten the dull misery that is the majority of British weather..? colourclash1

When I’m reading other fashion bloggers or watching fashion content on youtube the constant joke of how [insert blogger] is ‘always wearing black’ inevitably pops up. Of course there are exceptions -especially with certain brights being in trend for S/S17 we’re likely to a lot more colour pop up- but I always find it crazy how much people love a monotone outfit. There’s a time and a place for everything (although I don’t think my wardrobe has even heard of the term ‘monotone’) but I’m here to shout about clashing colour.

Since I can remember I’ve always loved colour, so when it came to dressing myself as a child (particularly when it came to buying my own clothes) I instinctively got drawn to colours and simply put on the colours and the items I wanted to wear that day. Oddly, despite being extremely interested in the fashion world, when it comes to my own dressing I have no care for what the ‘rules’ are. Bright yellow and red? Yes please. Old Skool McDonald’s palette outfit? Coming right up.


Boy, do I love mixing colours. There’s very few colours I would tend to drift away from (brown, brown, brown) and there’s a couple which are sometimes a bit tricky (purple) but I’m constantly up for the challenge because parading a mix match of colours on my body for the day won’t really hurt anyone – even if I do get it ‘wrong’. But then again, what’s ‘wrong’?


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