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Doing a fashion and textiles art foundation has been a little hectic to say the least. With two week projects until March it’s fair to say I’ll have my work cut out. I won’t be showing you every single project I turn out but will instead select a few here and there to share.

My most recent completed project was called ‘deconstruct – reconstruct’ and was about taking old garments and turning them into something completely new. Like any other fashion project, there were numerous stages of development (both in 3D on mannequins and in 2D designs) until I reached the final outcome pictured above. While at various points I felt like I was on ‘The Great British Sewing Bee’ frantically trying to work out how I could re-work an old swimming costume, it certainly didn’t live up to my expectations of an easy transformation. Instead it was more like me sitting on the floor surrounded by garments and armed with an unpicker staring up at a mannequin with fabric secured on with more pins than you could ever imagine…

With a two week project deadline the ideas were forced to develop fast- a few blinks later and I’d gone from concept to realisation. The final garment is comprised of the following: the top was made from a pink pair of shiny leggings (which were turned into the sleeves), a blue swimming costume (which became panels on the back and front of the garment), a blue mesh swimming top (which became the cuffs and the bottom section of the top) and lastly a gold jacket lining. It was cool to see how old garments which looked a little tired and drab could be reinvented into my own design and I love the 80’s sportswear vibes it has to it…

Hope you liked that insight into my most recent project. I love telling the story behind the garment as well as getting a chance to showcase a collection of the photographs at once.

~credit to my dad for helping me shoot some pics last minute and aiding my instagram feed…haha~


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