I used to wear red lipstick

I’ve been a long standing fan of bold lipstick colours for a while now, perhaps having been influenced by celebrities and bloggers who appear to effortlessly rock a full face of makeup even if they’re only going out to buy frosties from Tescos.

Somewhere along the line I got pretty addicted to applying red lippy. Back in 2014 (the summer of year 11 and beginning of year 12) I would wear it at every opportunity I got. Sixth form. Parties. To the park. I loved the bright colour (you know me and my love for colour!) and I just thought it was fun.redlippy2relippyredlippy3redlippy4

However, I haven’t worn red lipstick out the house so far this year (I think!). There’s probably numerous reasons for this (i.e. reapplying red lipstick just seems like a bit of a chore compared to the ease of wearing lip balm) but I’m also aware my lack of red lippy has also been a conscious choice.

On my 17th birthday I had one of my most uncomfortable catcalling experiences (I wrote a blog post about it at the time) and for some reason I connected this experience and unwanted male attention (and quite frankly harassment) with the red lipstick I was wearing. Of course this is completely ridiculous as most sensible humans would be aware that cat-calling is less about you and more about them. But nonetheless I was a little apprehensive to don my once loved red lip at night.

I only remember wearing it once more between then and now (this isn’t to say I haven’t worn it other than then but I have stayed fairly clear of it). I can’t remember exactly what the occasion was but it was an evening/night event at someone’s house and before I left their house to make the journey back home I took off my red lipstick.

This all probably sounds really insignificant and petty but recently I’ve become aware of why my beloved Mac lipstick in ‘Russian Red’ has stayed untouched for so long. I never thought I’d be the type of person who would change myself and what I like because of outside factors, but here I am, nearly 19 and still not wanting to wear red lipstick when the sun goes down.

I’m very adamant that cat-calling is not about what you’re wearing (and even so, the garments and make-up are clearly not the problem here), despite my own self-censorship of red lipstick. I’ve been cat-called while wearing red lipstick, in work uniform, looking horrible, looking nice….the conclusion is, I might aswell just wear the lipstick if I want to.

I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts about this in the comments below, especially if you’ve had any similar experiences!

Jodie xx

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