Dear 20 year old me

I’d like to start by saying I’m writing this at 5pm on a Saturday night curled up on the sofa with my duvet watching Season 1 of Orange is the new black. While I hope you enjoy nights in as much as you do now Jodie, please for the love of God, watch things when they’re hyped, not 3 years later.

dear20yroldme_FotorI’m writing this aged 18 and in all honesty this piece of writing is an amalgamation of sentences written within the last few months (e.g. I’ve now finished binge watching OITNB… it’s great, really should’ve watched it sooner…).

Time seems to be moving really fast, like really fast. I’ll be 19 in a couple of months and I feel like I’ll blink and end up in my 20’s, hence why I wanted to document 18 year old Jodie here – hi.

Currently I’m really into taking hundreds of photos, browsing cheap flight deals (wanderlust!) and watching youtube. I’ve spent this summer hanging out with my favourite people, finally getting a taste of London nightlife and still somehow really enjoying teaching little kids how to swim (despite the endless shifts I’ve worked!).

Right now it’s come to the end of summer but I’m so happy. I feel happier than ever right now, so I hope 20 year old Jodie feels just as content with life! Currently I’m in a slight limbo stage, with many of my friends heading off to Uni I’m here for another year to do an art foundation, and while -at the moment- the plan is to go off to Uni afterwards (you’re at uni now, right?), who knows what could happen between now and then.

I’m getting back into writing on my blog more regularly and attempting to upload a few more youtube videos (despite constantly cringing as I do) so if you’re not still writing on here then I’m pretty disappointed. Like wow. Hopefully the blog is better than ever and you’re able to watch one of your videos without squirming in your seat (although that’s a tall order).

At the moment I’m writing this just before I go into my art foundation, so I guess my biggest worry is ‘is this the right choice?’, ‘will it be useful?’, ‘am I good enough?’. Was the art foundation good? I’m itching to know what you’re doing now, what our next aims are….fashion degree? interning? something completely different?

This summer I went on my first girl’s holiday with Renz and Amara so I hope you’ve done a hell of a lot of travelling in the summer just gone. Right now I want to travel as much as possible so pleaaase say you’ve done something awesome like interrailing for a month or two. Can we go to Greece? Please say we’ve gone to Greece! You should’ve really gone to visit some family abroad too. Ah, you best have gone to Berlin too. I should really stop listing off places now, lets not set the expectations too high!

While I hope you’re having fun and living the travelling life you best also be thinking about you’re future and building up something which will last. Also, networking is a must. Have you interned at somewhere really cool? You should get onto that.

This year of being a ‘grown up’ has been weird. It’s been such an up and down year full of important life lessons. I hope you’ve come to terms with the fact that some things are just not within your power to change, no matter how much you’d give to change them. This year more than ever I’ve learnt that family is everything…good people are everything. Keep good people around you, Jodie.


While there’s thousands of things that I hope 20 year old Jodie will be doing/being/feeling, what I’d love more than ever would be for my (your?) connections with people to be stronger than ever (friends, family, everyone), to be doing what I love (and to be constantly grinding to make that happen) and to keep the opinionated, stubborn and determined Jodie at the centre of everything you (I?) do. You’ve got that? Cool.

See you soon, 20 year old me…but not too soon.

Jodie, 18.

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