Coping with curls

Funnily enough, while I’ve technically had curly hair all my life (because, y’know, you’re generally born with a hair type), I only began embracing my curls from the age of 12 or so. Since I embraced the curls (and stopped brushing my hair out into a big frizzy mess) I’ve had my fair share of experiences and while I’m constantly finding new hair saviours I thought I’d share my current hair routine and my essential curly products!copingwithcurlscopingwithcurls3Washing

Washing is my least specific part of my routine. In all honesty I can shampoo and condition my hair with practically any brand and I wouldn’t really notice much difference. My hair is fairly thick, pretty healthy and extremely prone to frizz. I tend to stick to shampoo’s and conditioners targetting either frizz or dry hair (occasionally I use products for damaged hair because y’know, why not give my hair some added magic?). For the last few months I’ve been using this hair growth range by Lee Stafford. I picked it up because I’m so eager for my hair to grow longer but I feel like the length of my hair now is my hair’s ‘natural length’ (so the tag line ‘for hair that never grows past a certain length’ really grabbed me there!). I’ll do a full review post about these in the next month or two as I’m still slightly unsure what my opinion is. What I definitely do love is the hair mask which I generally tend to use once a week. My hair washing routine is completely all over the place – as a swimming teacher my hair often comes into contact with chlorine multiple times a week and I shampoo and condition after each time in an attempt to stop the chlorine from damaging my hair.copingwithcurls2copingwithcurls4


The products I use to style my hair into my normal curly hair do haven’t changed in years now, however, the way I apply them has slightly. While I’ve previously applied lots of product to get very defined curls which are kinda wet looking (I call them crunchy curls because to get that style you generally have to load your hair with heaps of mousse and hairspray), I now tend to embrace (and want) a little more ‘fluff’ in my curls to create bigger hair. To get this, I start with damp, towel dried hair and put a pea sized amount of the R&B hair moisturiser from Lush through my hair. This stuff keeps my hair so nourished and conditioned (especially considering I wet my hair almost everyday) and despite costing £12 per tub it lasts me ageeeees (e.g. I opened a new tub in November and it’s only just run out now, so that’s 10 months…). After that’s through my hair I’ll run double the amount of curl creme through my hair (still only a small bit though, perhaps double the amount of toothpaste you’d put on your toothbrush). And lastly I’ll pump a handful of curly mousse into my hand then scrunch it up into my hair. Generally with the wonders of the Boots Curl creme (literally under £2) my curls are blessed.

So that’s what I’ve found works well for my hair, I’m always up for suggestions so feel free to leave any hair tips/products in the comments section. Unfortunately despite using the same routine most days my hair has a mind of it’s own and seems to pick when it’ll behave or not…no product or routine can 100% tame unruly hair it seems!

Hope you enjoyed this post, check out my quick curly hair routine video in the sidebar to the right!

Jodie xx

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