motivational monday

As I write this it’s Sunday evening and while all Sundays have that slight downer feeling of the weekend coming to an end, the first Sunday of September is always slightly more significant – it means the start of a new academic year. While I’ve finished the turbulent years of secondary school and sixth form, this year marks the start of my art foundation.


Much like sixth form, my art foundation is a pretty full on course with (generally) 3 days of in house studio work/sessions and 2 days ‘off’. I’m excited to have finally waved goodbye to the history and English essays and be concentrating on textiles and to be learning in what seems to be an awesome innovative environment. There’s so many opportunities to expand, create and develop  with the guidance and advice of industry creatives I’d be an idiot not to grasp this year by the horns.684e8975db0f4c77400fa3ed2f5d7020

Like the majority of us, I’m mourning the summer break already and moaning constantly about my 7am wake up call and the expectation that I actually have to get through a 10 hour day without a nap (who knew..? haha). Hopefully a few weeks in a normal routine (and not living like a nocturnal creature) will throw me back into working reality and aid me to give everything my best shot (and actually keep my eyes open).
d8a0e137eca79bef266fb84aea925101As ever, I’m excited to start this new chapter but I’m also full of nerves, tiredness (I know right, already!) and self-doubt. Hopefully these little quote reminders and a whole bunch of them from my pinterest board will keep the fire in my belly going and push me out my comfort zone. I’ll keep you updated every now and then about how it’s going and how I’m finding it – for now, hopefully you can take a pinch of motivation from this post and sprinkle it onto whatever you want.

Jodie xx


  1. nigel barnacle 5th September 2016 / 9:00 pm

    Love your writings, but keep the perfectionist in control and enjoy. Other small bonus, only three days a week, yes?
    Or do you have to go in the other two?
    Nb. Increasingly I’m rebelling Increasingly and writing/putting my name down without capital letters.

    • Jodie
      5th September 2016 / 9:41 pm

      Thank you! Feeling much better about it now that I’ve got the first proper day out of the way! It’s three days a week but the other two days we will sometimes have to be in doing workshops/finishing off work and using the equipment – not too bad though! Looking forward to getting stuck in much more now that I know the brief and have been told about all the different workshops we can do. I’ll let you know more via email! xx

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