The Ibiza Diary

A few weeks ago I came back from what is easiest to describe as a truely great first girl’s holiday with Renae and Amara. Don’t ask me why it’s taken me this long to get this post out (I really haven’t been feeling in the writing mood lately…), but here it is…I like to think of this as the blogging version of a Facebook holiday album -without the embarrassing photos and blurry images.IMG_9977

For anyone who’s interested, we stayed in San Antonio, literally 5 mins away from West End Strip at the Ibiza Rocks Apartments. I would whole heartedly recommend staying at either the Ibiza Rocks Hotel or the Ibiza Rocks Apartments! The main hotel was great with ‘hosts’ (young 20-something Ibiza experts basically) who were scattered everywhere around the hotel and could help you with anything you needed from basic info to the best club nights in Ibiza. At the hotel there were two pools with pool side bars, DJ’s and -of course- food! The plus side of staying within a ‘Rocks’ accomodation is you can book your airport transfer with it and you get great value nights from some great artists (we saw Stormzy at the hotel, pictured below). The apartments – a cheaper accomodation than the more pricey main hotel rooms- were genuinely really good, basic but exactly what we needed. It was literally 2 minutes down the road from the main hotel and we had access to everything at the main hotel too so we didn’t really notice much difference (apart from we consequently had more money to spend on food/drink!).IMG_2537For a first holiday, San Antonio Ibiza worked out great. While nights on the strip were pretty cheap drinks-wise (and Soul City/Revolution actually played something other than techno *halleujah*) we were also within a short walk from two different parts of San Antonio – Cafe Mambo and the arguably quieter rocky beaches with amazing views and the main sandy beach in San Antonio lined with bars including the Ibiza Rocks Bar and Linekers. IMG_0239For being only 2 hours 40 minutes away from London, Ibiza was both incredibly hot and beautiful…which is clearly why I felt the need to take hundreds of photos.IMG_0244Getting used to the heat wasn’t even too hard as waking up late, eating breakfast and then lounging by the pool or maybe exploring the beach became our daily routine before we’d head out in the night. IMG_0121My favourite night of the whole trip has to be going to see Rudimental perform in a small open air venue in the middle of the mountains. Rudimental were (of course) amazing and the small venue was magical…at one point it began raining in the humidity which just made it seem so much cooler. After waiting in the biggest taxi line ever we made it back to our room fairly early (at least early in Ibiza times) and spent until 3am choreographing a dance routine to Beyonce’s ‘Formation’ before being scared out of our minds by a mysterious knock on our door (…re-emerging from our hiding positions we quickly went to bed!).IMG_0133The cool water was the only way too cool down from the beaming midday sun…that and pina coladas!IMG_0247Above is a picture of the infamous West End Strip which definitely looked more alluring (and was extremely packed) during the night and early hours of the morning. If you’re heading to West End strip I think we’d all recommend Revolution and Soul City for the best RnB/hip hop vibes…we went down to get cheap drinks deals earlier in the night (9pm-11pm) but there’s no real buzz there until after 12 really so we’d leave, walk down to the line of bars by the beach then come back.IMG_2627The girls and I already looking pretty tanned on our first full day on the island.IMG_0256Definitely one of the highlights has to be seeing Stormzy perform at our hotel. It was the last night and we were flacking at this point (very very tired to say the least) plus I can’t pretend I’m some massive Stormzy fan or anything (Renz was teaching us some of the lyrics we didn’t know the whole holiday!) but it was still great. We got there early, tucked ourselves into the front row and enjoyed the night before heading off to Soul City, struggling to keep ourselves awake but determined to make the most of every minute in Ibiza.IMG_9980The view from the door of our room, overlooking the apartment pool.IMG_9982

I had the best time in Ibiza and although I can’t complain about the English weather (which has been pretty good to us lately) it hasn’t stopped me from wanting to escape abroad again.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this snapshot of my holiday and if you’re interested in seeing more definitely check out my latest Youtube video, a vlog of our trip (in the sidebar above) or my instagram which is currently full of holiday snaps. I have a feeling I’ll be returning to this blog post to reminisce a lot!!

Jodie xx

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