Things that are important vs. Things that aren’t


If there’s one thing I’m completely obsessed with it’s lists. Sometimes I think the scale of my list making is a borderline ridiculous but they generally help me to keep focused, motivated and quite frankly sane. When I’m not making daily, weekly and monthly to-do lists (seriously!) I occasionally delve into a sort of ‘general brain clear-out’ kinda list; sometimes everything seems better when you’ve written it down. Today I thought I’d make this following list public.

Things that are important

  • spending time with those you love
  • health (both physical and mental)
  • sticking up for (and supporting) things you believe in
  • listening more than you speak
  • remaining true to yourself
  • loving yourself
  • considering the consquences and impact of your actions on the wider community
  • supporting more than you criticise
  • keeping your gratitude and compassion


Things that aren’t important (in the long term)

  • how much weight (enter celebrity) has lost since giving birth
  • how many likes you get on instagram
  • what so and so has said behind your back
  • dropping a dress size before a big event
  • ‘dressing for your shape/size’
  • whether you have those new shoes
  • running out of data a week before your next phone bill
  • whether (x person) likes you
  • whether (x person) hates you
  • not being able to fill an ‘awkward’ silence
  • falling in public
  • your grades (okay, okay, that one depends to a certain extent)
  • your hair/the size of your boobs (and butt)/the distance between your thighs
  • breaking your ‘diet’
  • lol ridiculously strict diets purely motivated by asthetics in general
  • getting ‘bikini body ready’
  • whether your ambitions and goals match up to your peers (and societal expectations)


Sometimes you just need a bit of perspective to realise the things that are stressing you out probably shouldn’t be.

I’d love to hear anything you’d add to this list in the comments below…I could probably go on forever!

Jodie xx

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