Consumerism is eating me alive


I’ve always loved shopping. Whether it was simply looking at what to spend my holiday money on in the campsite gift store or even grocery shopping with my parents there’s always been a buzz of excitement of leaving a shop with something.

However, in the last few years the need for that buzz of excitement and the obsession over the latest things have at some points felt all-consuming. At the age of 12/13 shopping was suddenly an event -almost a hobby- something you’d do at the weekends with your friends, in shopping centres in winter and Oxford St in summer. But at that age, with little funds and very little else to spend my money on anyway it wasn’t a big deal.

Fast forward to age 16, my first ‘proper’ job with money coming into my account every month. It felt like Christmas monthly. I had a savings account and did regularly put money into there – this post isn’t about my irresponsibility with money, in fact I’d say I’m pretty boss at saving and managing my money responsibily. However, the point is I was still obsessed with the collection of things. Whether it was make-up, clothes or -my kryptonite- shoes, there was always something next on my ‘to buy’ list.

Now at 18 I’m still here loving shopping as much as my 12 year old self did. The only difference is this time I’m here with more funds and a longer wishlist. I really do feel like the more money you have the more things you suddenly want, spiralling out of control with each purchase. Another massive difference now is the presence of bloggers and vloggers adding to my aspirational wishlists it’s near impossible to watch these fashion bloggers without coming away with a list of things you want the size of your arm. And don’t even get me started about the death trap that is the ASOS ‘saved bag’ which keeps items you want for up to 60 days, making your midnight browse that slightly more detrimental.

The ease of shopping and the increased significance placed on material items in our internet bubbles fuels me -and fools me- into thinking regular clothes shopping is normal…because if Zoella does it so can I, right?

In no way am I criticising the mass amounts of internet icons that indulge in ‘hauls’ (I love ’em), but I do see how we’re enabling each other. ‘Don’t spend beyond your means’ should really go without saying, but really do we need to spend all that much at all?

Currently I’m on a clothes/shoes/bag spending ban after getting ridiculously carried away with the concept of ‘holiday shopping’. Once you start it becomes hard to find a time to stop and take a step back – no matter how hard your working or how many extra hours you’ve worked you don’t always need to ‘treat yourself’ with a shopping spree (note to self).

Anyway, there’s my ideas surrounding consumerism. Hopefully taking a step back will help my mind as well as my bank balance. It’s cliche but it really does cost nothing to appreciate the things you already have.

Jodie xx

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