Inside my hand luggage

I’m off on my first girls holiday as you read this so I thought I’d combine needing to get my bag packed with writing a blog post! Despite only heading off to Ibiza for 6 days it appears I need to bring my entire life with me for the ride so if you’re interested, nosey or just like reading ‘what’s in my bag’ posts as much as me then this one’s for you. There’s a ‘What I’ve packed for Ibiza’ video up on my youtube channel now so check that out! (Didn’t manage to finish editing it in time! Will upload when I’m back!).

handluggageI’m a very novice flyer – in fact the last (and only other times I’ve flyed) was to China (and then internal flights in China) back in 2010 so the likelyhood that I’ve left something essential behind is high!

Here’s an overview of what’s -quite frankly stuffed- in my bag. Skipping past the boring essentials of travel adaptors and important airline/accomodation/insurance paperwork, I’m attempting to carry 2 books with me. I feel like 2 books may be a bit ambitious and in all honesty I’ll be surprised if I come back having completed one…we’ll see. I’m also taking a notepad and some pens because hey I might suddenly get overwhelmed with inspiration and need to jot things down (again, the likelihood of this is slim, but got to be prepared, right…?).handluggage3For my liquids bag I’ve literally stuffed in a bunch of random unrelated things which I’ll either need on the plane or are in glass bottles which I don’t want to get smashed! In here I’ve got everything from nail polish to liquid lipsticks, face serum and perfume. These bags are soooo handy – they come in a set of three (2 are shown here while the big one is in my suitcase) and they’re from Superdrug for £5.99.handluggage4In the smallest bag I have basic medical things – paracetamol, rennie tablets, plasters, strepsils, cotton wool pads (I’m such a mum!!).handluggage5I’ve also -of course- got all my electrical bits with me….CAN. NOT. FORGET. THE. CHARGERS!handluggage6Again, I’m packing my some basic hair stuff into my hand luggage because of space and also in the back of my mind the fear of lost luggage and not having my trusty ‘wet brush’ with me…handluggage7Lastly in my main bag is make-up. If you know me you’ll probably be aware that generally I don’t wear much make-up. I thought I’d take a little bit of everything with me for the evenings as I know during the day I’ll be too busy jumping into pools and the sea to be spending time perfecting make-up! handluggage8As well as my mascara, eyeliners and liquid lipstick and glosses which are in my liquids bag, my following make-up is: the maybelline master sculpt in medium dark (definitely not very dark *rolls eyes* fyi), a makeup revolution eyeshadow palette in ‘flawless’ (which has enough shades to last me into another lifetime), a Rimmel eyebrow pencil, Real Techniques contour, blush, eyeshadow and setting brushes, a Ted Baker eyelash curler, Nars ‘one shocking moment’ Steven Klein limited edition face palette, a Soap & Glory lipstick in Naked Beige, Nivea lip butter in raspberry rose and a models own nail file…wow, that was a mouthful.


We’re flying with Ryanair (because cheap!) but they’re one of the few budget airlines to allow two hand luggage bags (one small, one big) *fist pumps*. So I’m also taking a little bag which will be tied to me at all times! It’s basically got essentials: phone, passport, wallet, camera, pen and asthma pump (glamourous, right?). This small bag is from River Island, while the bigger bag was from Topshop a few seasons ago.

Here’s the part where I would say ‘let me know if I’ve missed anything out!’, but I’m already going to be gone so lets just cross our fingers and hope for the best! Haha.

Jodie xx

btw. I’ve worked my butt off scheduling posts for the rest of the week so I hope you enjoyed them! (there’ll only be three blog posts this week so check back on Wednesday & Friday!).

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