I’m without a doubt a self-proclaimed worrier, you name it and I’ve probably worried about it…

In all honesty this post is well over due, when I received these ‘Guatemalan worry people’ for Christmas from my grandparents I loved the idea. I thought I’d take you through the tradition of these worry people and explain how I’ve found them to work.

pro-worrierAs you can see from the photo below, the tradition behind the worry people is that for each of your worries you tell it to a different worry doll (all kept in the little bag), then you place them underneath your pillow and when you wake up they would’ve ‘taken your worries away’.

Now I feel like there’s going to be two camps here- people who love this idea and people who think it’s a bit ridiculous. For me, I really do love this little ritual. It’s an easy thing to forget, but when I do decide to use these worry dolls it can be extremely soothing just to recognise what your exact worries are, then cast them aside to get a good nights rest. Worrying rarely helps a situation so for someone who worries way too much, clearing your mind of the silly things which shouldn’t be there really helps.

While doing a little bit of research when writing this post I’ve come across questions like ‘do worry dolls really work?’. I just want to interject here by saying I don’t believe these little worry people are magically taking away my worries!! However, the ritual of using these worry people does mean you reflect on your own thoughts and worries both allowing you to clear your mind and temporarily ‘free’ you and relieve you of your specific worries placing them on something inanimate in order to give your mind some rest. As I read elsewhere, it’s up to you to make the ‘magic’  Talking to people you trust about serious and troubling worries is obviously the most important thing and I don’t want to deflect from that. However with smaller, little nagging worries people have numerous ways of dealing with them such as writing them down, but for me I do treasure these little worry people.pro-worrier2

I’m interested to hear about how other people deal with their worries (however big or small!) and what you think about these worry people! Also if you’re interested on getting your hands on your own set of worry dolls I’ve found a couple of similar ones here:

Guatemala worry dolls from Amazon

Alternative Amazon link

“Worry pretends to be necessary but serves no purpose”

Jodie xx


  1. rosyvogue 3rd July 2016 / 10:32 am

    I seriously love this idea & I want to buy one right now. Thank you for sharing this ♥

  2. nigel barnacle 1st July 2016 / 7:32 pm

    Love this. Never imagined you would take this on board. Great they are relevant

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