Ravensbourne Graduate Fashion Week

A few weeks back I attended Graduate Fashion Week at the Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch. I was super excited to attend this year, particularly as I’ll be heading to art school to do a fashion and textiles based art foundation come September. Despite being in the middle of exams I took the opportunity and headed on down to view the freshly pressed talent from Ravensbourne.

gradfash9Having only ever seen a runway show at the mass consumer event ‘Clothes Show Live’ back on a school trip in secondary school I was beyond ready to experience a more artistic, stylised show which was evident through the collections themselves as well as the styling and music.gradfash8For anyone who is aware of my own textiles work it’d be of no surprise that I gravitated towards the more dramatic collections which -at first glance at least- appeared extremely conceptual. The two pictured above caught my attention, immediately making me want to know more – the face masks in the first collection by Sophia Rashid and both men and women gracing the runway wearing dresses, standout make-up and walking as if they were just coming home from a night out in the second collection by Eden Loweth. In fact, I’d argue Loweth’s collection was the highlight of the show – it looked fearless, wild and definitely pushed boundaries. gradfash2Cinzia Donato’s pretty pastel collection couldn’t contrast the first two collections more. Although totally different, the use of sheer fabric which was still tailored to create boxy shapes (and then mixing this texture with knit garments) led to an interesting collection. While personally I prefer brights and bolds over pastels I really warmed to certain elements of Donato’s collection and will certainly experiment more with texture and subverting traditional properties of fabrics having seen this.gradfash1Lastly, again one of the highlights for me was Victoria Daw’s collection. Here my favourite aspects of textiles came combined – bright contrasting colours and see-through PVC style material. I absolutely loved the contrast of the pink and the orange -arguably a classic contrast- while the touches of see-through PVC style material gave the collection a more modern, futuristic feel which felt at the same time both wearable and completely ‘out there’.

So those were some of my fave collections at the Ravensbourne Graduate Fashion week show. An honourable mention has to go to Paria Farzanreh, whose collection I didn’t manage to photograph but looked truly stunning and caught my attention immediately through the oversized jackets, urban feel and bold and clever use of digital photographs. The ‘SEE YOU IN HELL’ jacket was certainly something.

There was so much crazy talent at Graduate Fashion Week, I’d urge you to take a look next time.

Jodie xx

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