What’s happened since we last spoke?

Hey! It’s been a while. No doubt I probably started with a similar introduction in my sparse blog posts over the last 3 to 4 months… but this time it’s different, really! Honestly it feels like so much has happened in these past months; life has felt crammed with events, mile stones and overwhelming emotions on both ends of the spectrum and I’m sure many of my peers would also agree! I thought I’d fill you in on the main events you’ve missed like long lost friends having a catch-up over coffee, so grab yourself a drink because this’ll probably be a long’un.IMG_1568

Working in chronological order from the last time I properly blogged to the present day, this photo was taken at Easter celebrating my mum’s birthday. This is clearly the attitude and lifestyle of a carefree student unaware of the tide of stress that’s about to hit her!IMG_1665

One of the most exciting things that happened was that I booked a girl’s holiday with two of my favourite people! Our first holiday without our parents and we go next week – exciting! Here we’re toasting to our *finally* booked holiday with a left over bottle of Buck’s Fizz… classy.IMG_1752Since the last time we spoke I’ve voted, twice! The London Mayoral elections in May was my first ever vote followed most recently by the referendum…swiftly moving on! Regardless of outcomes and ways I personally voted I was extremely excited to step into the polling station and actually cast my own vote and have a say when all these years before I’ve been watching from the sidelines.IMG_1718

Of course an overwhelming amount of time has been spent with my head in a book or when doing something else (eating, sleeping, just breathing for a moment) feeling guilty for ‘wasting’ my time. Urgh, not fun. IMG_2010However, before exam season was fully under way we had our sixth form prom! It was such a lovely night, in a beautiful location which I enjoyed thoroughly….and thus completely forgot about taking many photos. Ah wells, the memories are stored carefully in my head. IMG_2011_Fotor

In fact it proved a busy weekend as the next day I celebrated a friend’s 18th! Clearly even less photos (or at least blog worthy photos!!) were taken but again it was such a lovely night, thanks Lottie! This photo was taken on our way there when a few people got distracted by cats and I got distracted by the view.IMG_2086

The contrast of these photos next to each other really emphasises the drastic drop back into reality as revision ensued after a weekend of fun. The final push was by far the hardest and motivating myself to revise Hitler became more strenuous by the day!IMG_2185

BUT THEN I WAS DONE! AND FREE! Here’s a photo of me with part of my exhibition display during the private view. I think my face says it all, relieved, tired and slightly manic looking. But only a couple of days after, I took my final English exam and the burden of A levels and exams was removed from my shoulders entirely. We’ll have to wait until results day to see how I done but in between now and then the best summer awaits.

And that’s it summed up! There are my highlights (and lowlights??) of the last few months. Now I’m free and back ready to blog.

In a shock turn of events I’m returning to an even busier blogging schedule. Over the summer I’ll be blogging everyday Monday to Friday with posts being published at 5pm GMT. Youtube posts are also coming back. You can always see what I’m up to on Youtube by subscribing to me or just look at the right hand side of my blog to see the latest upload!

Now we’re all caught up I can’t wait to get back into the swing of blogging and share some stuff! Check back tomorrow for another post!

Jodie xx

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