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If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’re probably aware of my love for Greenwich. I mean I’ve only gone on about it in three other blog posts…(an OOTD, a post about Greenwich park and a few random marathon photos). However, I’m embarking on a new little series all about London and thought it was only right to re-visit one of my favourite places first.

editedgreenwich8While Greenwich spans across towards The O2 and down by Woolwich, I’m really talking about a specific area within 20 minute circular walk featuring the market, the park and the river. Without a doubt it’s a tourist spot but if you get the day and time right you’ll be in with a chance of witnessing the beauty of the area without the masses of people (like I did here on this overcast day).editedgreenwich7It honestly feels like I spend my life in Greenwich (for various reasons!) yet I never once walk past the view from the top of the park without taking a picture, or go past on the bus without admiring the grandeur of the white buildings which are both sides you look when on the main road.

editedgreenwich2While you can pay to go inside the Royal Observatory (I’ve done it once), I’d definitely say have a walk around the -free- National Maritime museum. It’s a good ol’ favourite which never gets old…editedgreenwich6Of course I couldn’t mention a post about my favourite things in Greenwich without talking about the market. The craft/arty side of the market is lovely, albeit over priced although perfect for finding unique birthday presents. However, it’s little surprise that the food section is what draws me in…editedgreenwich5My latest obsession are these brazillian churros. The best part about these are they’re filled with caramel or chocolate sauce…or half and half. I can’t even put into words how good they are – you just need to try them! I’m addicted. editedgreenwich4For a little break from the crowds the riverside is always more chilled out – I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve aimlessly walked along here. It’s so peaceful on a Sunday morning.  editedgreenwich3So, to round up my thoughts and recommendations of Greenwich:

-Go at an off-peak time to enjoy without packs of people

-Churros are needed every visit…believe me…

– The market is the best present buying place

– The National Maritime museum is warm and free so perfect for a rainy afternoon

– The best sunset spot is at the top by the Royal Observatory – have a picnic!


Keeping warm in a H&M fluffy coat, slip-on Vans and a scarf knitted by my mum

In my opinion Greenwich is one of the most beautiful spots in South London and is definitely worth a visit.

I’d love to hear ideas for any other posts you’d like to see. I’m already planning some other London guides such as the best places on both sides of the river, my favourite galleries and places to go to beat the crowds. This little series will be my way of exploring my own city a bit more as well as writing it all up on here!

Jodie xx

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