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December and January are the best months for my wardrobe but the worst months for my bank account. I’m never one to spend much money in one go *pats back for being a good(ish) saver*. However, the phrase ‘treat yourself’ has popped into my head quite a few times recently which has left me with a few items which you haven’t yet seen!


The Urban Outfitters sale drew me in once again (it does every year…) and I finally purchased this sweatshirt which I’ve had my eye on for a while. I particularly like the faded seams and know I’ll be living in this 24/7.


Another thing which I had my eye on (I promise it wasn’t a last minute decision!) were these slip-on Vans from the Office sale. There’s lots of interesting patterned slip-on trainers in the shops at the moment but I chose the trusty Vans brand which I used to wear back in the primary school days! I find that Vans are extremely comfy and of course I got them in burgundy as at least half my wardrobe is based on autumn colours.


A purchase I actually made back in early December (or even late November?) was this sequined t-shirt from the brand Illustrated People which was sold in a shop off Bricklane (Blink, I think?). It was slightly on the pricey side for a t-shirt but I had already fallen in love with the red sequin/baby pink contrast before I had seen the price tag. Oops.


On the same day, I also bought the ‘bardot deux’ dress from bloggers and vloggers Sammi and Jason who have created their own brand ‘Novem and Knight‘ and had a pop-up store at Box Park in Shoreditch (there’s a blog post + video about that day here). It’s a simple piece, beautifully well made and can be easily be dressed up and down (outfit post soon!).


The last two purchases are again from the Urban Outfitters sale and I admit unlike the rest of these purchases these were spontaneous and sub-consciously driven by the fact that they were in the sale. No regrets.  The first one is a black ribbed wrap top (which turns out to be extremely hard to photograph). I thought this was quite a versatile piece and I look forward to styling it…


And lastly is this black leather (I’m guessing fake leather) tote bag. Whilst this has never been a ‘I need that’ kind of item, I have seen it a few times whilst browsing and the drop in price made me confirm my want of it. It’s a simple bag but is perfect to fit massive (and heavy) school folders in or to stuff a jumper in for the unpredictable British weather.


That’s all for my little summary of recent-ish purchases! I thought I’d show you them now as most of them are unworn (and thus photograph better!). If you want to see the pieces on then look out for a video this weekend which will be a quick look at all the pieces!

Have a great weekend!

Jodie xx


    • madfashionlover
      8th January 2016 / 9:06 pm

      Haven’t worn vans in years! Now I feel like it’s not worth wearing any other shoes haha

    • madfashionlover
      8th January 2016 / 7:31 pm

      I know right! Haven’t worn it yet but can’t wait to throw it on soon 🙂

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