The year ahead…

It’s well and truly 2016 and whether you like it or not there’s a whole load of people who have made New Years resolutions and are now either determined to stick to them or have already broken them. Personally, I’m a bit of sucker for a resolution or two choosing the New Year as a good time to reflect and set goals for what I’d like to do better or differently in the year ahead. Yes, of course don’t wait to change or improve yourself -or be disillusioned into thinking things will change as the clock strikes twelve- but for me at least, New Years creates a clean slate perfect to motivate me into change.

IMG_0630This year my new years resolutions didn’t come to me as easily and I certainly didn’t have them all planned out in time for the first of January. However, after much thought my resolutions are:

  • make more consistent creative content
  • make more time for the people I care about
  • explore, explore, explore (visit 5 countries in the year)

2015 was a great year in so many ways although I also felt swamped down with work and procrastination, definitely not using my time as wisely as I could. This year I’ll make the conscious effort to actually see friends and family more, making the most of weekends for socialising and not just sleep recovery! Also, 2016 is the year of travelling alone and making the most of being young and free and not financially tied down. There’ll be a girls holiday for sure and I’m also pondering on the idea of a bit of solo travelling too…maybe…


Having just finished (finally!) the Everyday Sexism book by Laura Bates I was inspired to create some feminist resolutions for 2016. I feel extremely passionate about the Everyday Sexism project and see the importance (and essentiality) of feminism. It’s all too easy to be passionate about something but not do much hence why I’ve also set myself these goals:

  • write 10 feminist related blog posts
  • take part in/attend at least one feminist event
  • challenge (nicely!) little everyday sexism sayings/actions of others (and correct my own!)

I think these goals are equally important to my own more personal ones and I look forward to putting just as much energy and time into them. I’m particularly interested in consciously thinking about the third goal as I feel like it’s so ingrained in society (‘you run like a girl’, ‘don’t cry like a girl’, ‘sorry I didn’t wear make-up today’, etc). Also, I just discovered Laura Bates wrote a section for the Guardian all about feminist resolutions for 2016 so go have a read of that too!IMG_0324

Those are my ideas at the start of the year, I’ll *attempt* to keep you up-to-date about my progress on them and have pinned them up in my bedroom so I don’t forget. While you may not personally choose to do ‘new year’s resolutions’ I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and have gained an insight into my aims for 2016. Whether I stick to them for the year or have forgotten them come next year, they can only do good so what’s the harm in giving it a go?

If you have any goals for 2016, share them in the comments! I’d love to know!

Jodie xo

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