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I used to not be a jewellery person at all – always forgetting to put on a necklace or a bracelet (and not wearing earrings since I was 13!). However, if there’s any type of jewellery I wear the most it would definitely be rings.


Instead of investing in expensive pieces (because I do have a habit of mis-placing rings…) I much prefer rings from the likes of H&M, New Look and Topshop.


Pictured above is a ring (on my middle finger) which I bought at a French market last year and the other two were part of a set from New Look kindly gifted to me by a friend for my 18th.


These rings are the oldest in my small collection by far. I bought them as a set from H&M a few years ago and still love mixing them up and wearing them for a minimal look.


My most recent ring editions are another set from New Look given to me by Amara for Christmas!


Unlike many other people I feel no sway in preference towards either gold or silver jewellery. I love having a mix and am particularly enjoying stacking numerous rings on top of each other for a bolder look (although I’d rarely wear this amount of rings on one hand! It was for the photo!).


I’m really enjoying building up more of a ring collection and may well add a few more unique pieces into my collection over the next few months. Now I just need to try not to lose them!

Let me know where you get your rings from…

Jodie xo

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