‘I wear my heart on my jeans’

I’ve been a jeans lover for years opting for the ease and comfort of a pair of skinnies than a skirt and tights combo. However, when I bought my first pair of black high-waisted skinny jeans (Joni jeans) from Topshop last September I entered a completely different level of jean-wearing.


Having worn my ‘joni’ jeans to death over the year and a bit which I’ve owned them (seriously faded with a hole in the crotch) I decided it was time for an upgrade and bought a new pair (see my haul on youtube). Instead of throwing away a good fitting pair of jeans just because they had a hole and were more grey than black, I chose to vamp them up.


Originally I was going to go old school and sew on a patch to the hole and leave it at that. But then I thought I could get creative and make a statement about a pair of jeans I would have otherwise thrown away.


I chose hearts because it was something slightly different yet an easy shape to cut out and sew around. I’ve always really liked the simplistic designs of Comme Des Garcons – a Japanese fashion label- and also thought I was ‘clever’ and ‘funny’ for changing the common phrase about ‘wearing your heart on your sleeve’ to wearing hearts on your jeans (mum tells me this isn’t as clever or funny as I thought…).


To DIY these I first made a heart template which would cover the size of the hole which I knew I wanted to cover up. I then cut out the hearts with some spare satin fabric I had and -carefully- rotated the edges of each heart over a candle flame in order to seal the edges and prevent fraying. The candle trick made all the difference! I then considered the placement of the hearts, beginning with the one which had to go over the hole and working round that. Once I was happy with where they were I simply appliqued them onto the jeans using a classic diagonal stitch. You could easily use the same colour thread as the fabric and use smaller stitches to make it less visible but I like the hand stitched look to the technique.


Making these was a fun little Saturday afternoon project and something you could easily do in a few hours! Get creative with your old pair of jeans and applique them up!

Jodie xx

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  1. lifestylexox 28th December 2015 / 5:06 pm

    Joni jeans are my all time favourite

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