Bonfire Night Prep

*update: technically Bonfire night was yesterday but many displays will be showing tomorrow, hence the post!*

Bonfire night is one of my favourite little celebrations – fireworks, bonfires, sparklers, toffee apples and generally being wrapped up whilst watching fireworks with friends is my favourite. For any of you international readers who don’t know, bonfire night is when we ‘celebrate’ the capture of Guy Fawkes who attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament in the ‘gun powder plot’ of 1605. However, now it’s definitely just another excuse to have a little event!

Here’s some of autumnal things/products which make me feel excited for bonfire night tomorrow!

Firstly I’ll start with a candle. One of my friends kindly gifted me this gorgeous smelling cinammon and mandarin candle from Muji. It smells literally of autumn and is also slightly Christmassy given the cinammon.


A bubble bath is cleaaarly an essential pre-fireworks night – it makes you feel all cosy and warm before a night out in the freezing cold! As I’m in the bath I read some more of my current book, ‘Everyday Sexism’. It’s an extremely insightful read and should be read by both females and males to understand the vast problem we continue to face today.IMG_9847

Next I’m wearing this dark red nail polish from Barry M. I love wearing the deeper shades in autumn and this shade works perfect matched with a deep berry shade lipstick.


Lastly, of course, you need a big fluffy coat with a massive scarf to keep you warm.

I think I’m ready for tomorrow…

Jodie xo

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