What I’ve Loved | October

I thought I’d round up a few of my October favourites for a blog post (there’s also a video on my youtube channel which will be linked down below and contains a few more faves). October being my birthday month I’m extremely lucky to have been gifted some lovely things (some of which are featured below), although, of course, I’m even more lucky just to have some awesome people in my life – regardless of gifts. Without further ado, I hope you like my October faves!IMG_9809I guess I should start off with my newest item, my new phone, the Iphone 6s in rose gold. This wasn’t actually a birthday present, it’s just my update conveniently comes in October -making it feel like a birthday present as I forget the monthly payments which will follow… So I’m finally on the Iphone bandwagon after having my trusty Samsung S4 for the last 2 years (it was actually a really good phone). I chose to switch over to Apple though as it makes more sense having both an Apple laptop and phone as they’ll run more smoothly together, no hate Samsung, promise. 

IMG_9812Next is a book I recently read last week. I asked for this for my birthday and was gifted it by my brother. I was intrigued to read this -for those of you who don’t know, Marina Keegan (the author) was a Yale graduate who sadly died 5 days after her graduation, in May 2012, in a car crash. A combination of short stories and essays written by Keegan presents a realistic portrayal of the many emotions young people constantly go through. It’s not cliche. It’s sad and hilarious, it’s full of joy and hope and ambition. You finish reading it and instantly want to go out and live. You want to make an impact.IMG_9814I’ve always had a thing for rings, especially the stackable kind, the ones where you wear multiple on each hand. A friend, who clearly knew me well, gave me a collection of rings from New Look. I like the trible and autumn feel to them and I think they’ll be perfect to wear with outfits over the coming colder months.
IMG_9817 My biggest present came from my parents who gifted me the Canon 700d. I absolutely love taking photos and use cameras a lot whether it’s for the blog here or for my youtube channel, so a new dslr camera seemed like perfect sense. I’m still getting to grips with it (it’s currently on auto mode but, y’know) and in fact the pictures in this post were all taken using the dslr. I’m excited to see my photography -hopefully- getting better over the coming months!

Lastly, and by no means least is this goregous lipstick from Mac in the shade ‘Viva Glam 3’. It’s the perfect reddy/brown shade which I feel like I’ll be wearing everyday in the autumn months. Also, it’s matte so will literally stay on for life, perfect for someone like me who really can’t be bothered to ‘touch up make-up’.

So that’s some of the things I’ve been loving this month. I could honestly go on forever mentioning products, moments and people who have made this month so amazing. I feel truly lucky.

To see more of what I’ve been loving, head over to my Youtube channel to see my extended October favourites.


Thanks for reading! Let me know your October favourites in the comments section!

Jodie xo

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