Greasy Spoon Cafe times

Having left the house last Sunday for a ‘post-party breakfast’, what I had in mind was a cute little cafe down the road serving avocado on toast, granola and yoghurt or pancakes and berries. ‘It’d be perfect for photos for my blog’, I said naively. Fast forward to half an hour later – the cute cafe full up and having already made a hasty exit out cafe number 2 (waaay too expensive), our bellies grumbling (to be fair it was nearly 1pm!) we were left with only one option…the greasy spoon. IMG_9761Now this is real life. We’d gone from a place which felt like the Ritz -they certainly thought they were with those prices- to the builders go-to place. ‘Who cares? I’ll take pictures anyways’, I thought. So here are my ‘greasy spoon’ photos. I quite like them actually.
IMG_9768 The place was pretty much empty – a dad and his kids grabbing a bite to eat and a couple of people coming to get a takeaway box…who knew cafes did takeaway? Greasy spoons always make me laugh, it’s like time has paused for 30 years and whilst the outside world moves on, the interior looks extremely out of place.IMG_9769 The plastic chairs, the odd picures and random mirrors hung on the wall – it all just screams ‘greasy spoon’, but I oddly like it, it’s comforting, kinda. Of course the best thing about greasy spoons is the food (that is, of course, if you actually like traditional English breakfasts). The filling food and cheap prices means you can relax in the comfort that you’ll still have money in your pocket by the time you leave (take note, cafe number 2). IMG_9766My favourite thing is the nostalgia greasy spoon cafes bring. During holiday revision sessions at school we’d frequently find ourselves in the greasy spoon for lunch, it was our ‘treat’. I also think I wolfed down a couple nervously before some of my afternoon exams in secondary school, ‘brainfood’, I called it.

Turns out beauty can be found in the most unlikely of places. Having just got a new camera I enjoyed playing around to get these shots and am pretty happy with the outcome. The accidental greasy spoon visit brought back some good memories and filled my belly up nicely…I’ll always fancy a bit of avocado toast though…

Jodie xo

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