On Saturday I turned 18. IMG_0187

Younger Jodie thought 18 meant parties every weekend, owning a car, feeling slightly more certain about life. To me, 18 sounded like the land of responsibilities…and the loss of childhood. I’m a person who always, always looks forward to their birthday but reluctantly ages every year.

In my dream world I’d be able to relive 0-18 years again. Exactly the same. No changes. Of course life’s not been all sweet smelling roses but I’d certainly take the bad if it meant I got the good too. Or, I’d like to relive certain moments – if someone gave each one of us a choice on our 18th birthdays to relive 10 of our best moments, that would be ideal.

IMG_0093But of course I’m looking forward to the future, don’t get me wrong. As cliche as it sounds, the best moments are definitely yet to come. I’m just so disappointed that we only get to live each moment once! And why does time fly so fast?

My birthday always becomes a bit of a reflection. I’m so thankful for the life I have and the people I have within my life. I love that feeling you have on your birthday when loads of your favourite people are gathered in one room, all invisibly holding some of the best memories.


So, in summary, I think I’m ok with turning 18. I’m a little gutted to not get the chance to relive things but maybe that’s just greedy! Let’s just hope this year slows down a bit so I can really take in every moment…

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Jodie xo

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