Cosy Evenings

If you ask me what my favourite thing about the colder months is, there would only be one answer – cosy evenings. Wrapped up in blankets drinking endless amounts of tea and reading a book has to be one of the nicest feelings in the world. cosyevenings Here in the UK we start shivering by late September (October if we’re lucky!) but it does make you look forward to the evenings when you can simply lay on your bed and indulge in the comfort of the TV (*cries that Great British Bake Off is over*).cosyevenings2 I’m definitely not a candle person by any means (I don’t trust myself to put them somewhere safe…) but lighting a couple of candles to take these pictures did make me want to use them more – such a warm, cosy atmosphere!

Autumn is the best season, giving us the perfect excuse to stay in and rest for a bit. I also can’t wait to get outside for bonfire night, eat toffee apples and write my name in sparklers…

Let me know what you favourite thing about autumn down below!

Jodie xo

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