DIY| Birthday Bunting

I always love a good DIY, especially when it means you’ll be saving money… Over the weekend I decided to make a whole load of bunting in preparation for my birthday (because decorations are essential, right?). I spent no money whatsoever and am really happy with the result – I’ll talk you through it.buntingdiy I began by digging out the scraps of fabric that I wanted to use for the bunting. Most of this fabric was old clothes and off cuts which I kept.¬†buntingdiy2 After making a triangle template using some cardboard, I began cutting out all the triangles (I didn’t actually calculate how many I needed, I sort of just guessed…).buntingdiy3 Once all the fabric is cut you can begin gluing them onto your chosen hanging material. I chose to hang them on string because I wanted the ‘rustic’ feel (or because it’s what we had in the house and I didn’t want to go out and buy anything…).buntingdiy4 While you could definitely sew them onto string/ribbon I opted for using a glue-gun as it’s quick and easy and does the job. I also didn’t hem the edges or anything which you could definitely do for a cleaner finish, but as I had 24m of bunting to make I chose the quicker option, knowing that I wouldn’t be getting regular use of the bunting anyway!buntingdiy5

IMG_9699 IMG_9703

I hope you like my bunting and give it a go yourself (so cheap and easy!). I can’t wait to show you the finished effect of decorations for my birthday in the next couple of weeks. If you have any cool decoration ideas then tell me!! I’m on twitter @madfashionlover

Jodie xo

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