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If you’ve seen Monday’s OOTD post then you’d know I visited the Tate Modern to see ‘The World Goes Pop’ exhibition on Saturday. Despite the fact you couldn’t take photos inside *cries*, I’ve collected a few pictures from the internet and thought I’d share my thoughts on the exhibition.Theworldgoespop I visited the exhibition as part of my textiles research for my current project and was not disappointed in the slightest! You enter the exhibition and are instantly catapulted into rooms of brightly coloured art work questioning consumerism, conflicts and the sexualisation of women to name but a few themes. IMG_9640

For my project I was particularly keen on seeing art to do with women so was facinated with artists such as Nicola L whose ‘Little TV Woman’ seems to question the sexualisation and objectification of women and the construction of female identity through a 3D art piece using the shape and features of a woman to create an everyday object (seriously a thought provoking piece – google it!). worldgoespoptate1The exhibition opened up my eyes further to the problems of society and how messages can be subverted through art. It was also really interesting to be surrounded by art work from the 1960s and 1970s -when the pop art movement was at it’s height- and to see the topics which artists wanted to comment on then and how- perhaps- not much has changed.

Being both a history student and a keen creative I loved these politcal art pieces which commented on anything from the atomic bomb (pictured above) to censorship in Poland. I can’t wait to expand my own ideas now…

imageThis exhibition was interesting and eye catching and not only showcased pop art from different countries and cultures but also showcased a variety of art forms ranging from Nicola L’s Red Coats to Judy Chicago’s car bonnets. I would reccomend this exhibition to any modern art lovers especially those interested with how the politics of the World impact art movements.

Jodie xo

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